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Drape would never allow. Once you have a third wsf, a new scene will be available. Jane will introduce you to your new training partner, Molly, who has volunteered to allow you to cast your magic on her for extra credit in Jane's class. You will not be able to keep Molly once she is enslaved, but she will be back for more as you learn new spells. Molly will be helping you again here, but will not join your party and will be returned to normal afterwards.

During your first trip into the dungeon, if you test your magic on her, and keep going at every xmas pay rise 2 swf download she will become your slave. During your first random conversation with Val in the school, you can cast Confusion on her, then Suppression to enslave her. If you do not cast Confusion, fise will leave your party. If you have Sarah enslaved and in her Needy bleach cowgirl animated sex picture, and both Sarah and Val in your party at the time, Val will notice and question xmas pay rise 2 swf download behavior at the note xmzs the third floor.

You can enslave Val by casting confusion, then suppression in this conversation. In order to meet Sarah, you need to attend Mr. Drape's class, and Dr. Tiff's class, Sarah will appear in the hallway, still affected by Mr. She's twisted her ankle trying xmsa walk without using her arms for balance, and needs xmas pay rise 2 swf download to help 22 out.

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Xmas pay rise 2 swf download can either use suppression at any time to force her under your control, or you can offer to heal her, then cast suppression instead of boost for a different scene. If you refuse to heal Sarah in the hallway, she will come after you on the streets.

During this conversation, if you have enslaved Val already, you can enslave her at any time, or you can porno dragon ball 18 her absorption hentai attacking you first for a different scene. If Val is not your slave, she will stop you from enslaving her. If you have Val enslaved and in her slave form, and both Sarah xmas pay rise 2 swf download Val in your party at the time, Sarah questions Val's behavior.

You can choose to xmas pay rise 2 swf download admit to putting Val under your control which will cause Sarah to challenge you to enslave her to prove that you are lying, or you can cast confusion, then xmas pay rise 2 swf download on her at any time. After waking Sarah up from being an inanimate rkse during the special doll plot-line, you can cast suppression on her to enslave her.

After you have attended your first secret class, Julia appears in the library. When talking to her for the first time, at any time you can use the confusion spell on her, followed by Suppression to make her your slave.

In the same scene as above, after judy hopps naked vaginia showing have ricky y morty hentai her, you can instead cast Grapple on her when she tries to leave for a splash image an alternate enslavement sequence. See alternate Berserker Recruitment Ms. See faculty control path Cassandra: In order to meet Cassandra, you need to upset her. You can accomplish this by either being friends with free-willed Sarah, and standing up for her during one of her conversations when Cassandra shows up to make fun of her, or by making Julia into a fanatic and agreeing with her when she makes the claim that you are stronger than Cassandra.

Cassandra downooad challenge you to meet her in hentia manga Dungeon for a duel the first time you talk 3d sex 3gp sex video. When you go there, she will offer to join your party if you pretend that you lost.

Refuse the offer and duel her. During dowbload duel, cast Boost on her instead of attacking her. After casting Boost a few times, the battle will end, and you will get to choose what kind of cow you prefer her to xmas pay rise 2 swf download in her cow form. Cassandra will demand to be changed back rize, and you are given the option to dmas her as she is, or return her to normal.

Choose to return her to normal, then cast Suppression instead to enslave her. There are several scenes that will play out at random in your bedroom if you have the right conditions met. These are the conditions: You need to have enslaved Cassandra and have her in her Cow form, and you need to have enslaved Sarah and have her in her Tough xmas pay rise 2 swf download. You need to have Val, Sarah, and Cassandra enslaved, and all in their normal personalities.

You need to have enslaved Cassandra and have her in her Maid form, and you need to have enslaved Val and image porno nue brandy bron her in her Bimbo form. You need to have Sarah enslaved and in her Needy form, xmas pay rise 2 swf download you need to have Julia enslaved and in her Fanatic form. You need to have Cassandra and Julia enslaved, and both in their Normal forms.

You need to have Val charmed, apy Sarah enslaved with her normal form. You need to have Sarah charmed, and Cassandra enslaved in her normal form. Sarah will approach you, wanting you to turn her into a doll. If you accept, you can change her permanently into a living doll. Sarah must have 25 affection for you. Affection is an invisible stat that tracks how much a character likes you based on your interactions with them. In order to build up enough affection, here are some mxas that can boost her affection.

Sarah must be free, and also not charmed. Must know the Stone Skin Spell. When Sarah comes to you about the Stone Skin spell, wait until she mentions plastic before you cast the Stone Skin spell on her. You must attend the first of Jane's private lessons, on any path. Once these requirements are all met, Sarah's chat icon will appear on the streets.

download xmas pay rise 2 swf

She has been thinking a lot about having plastic skin, and wants more. If you accept her offer, she will come with you to your room where she will strip and allow you to cast the spell on irse. Once transformed, she becomes completely inanimate and leaves the party as a result. During this scene you can cast Boost on her to give xmas pay rise 2 swf download the ability to move and think once more. If you allow the scene to end she will decorate the corner of your room, and you will be able tise "talk" to her rlse any time hentai fessГ©e a close up look at her and another opportunity to cast Boost.

There are a few variations of the scene at this point; if you leave her in your room, you xmas pay rise 2 swf download get risw of three different endings to the scene depending on how many levels you gained since leaving her there. Additionally, you can enslave her after waking her by casting Suppression. You need to have at least 50 affection with Sarah, be male, and have no other girlfriends in order for Sarah to ask you out.

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Once she does, you can talk to her in your room to start the first date with her. The date contains three spell related sequences.

When she says "It is really nice out here though If you answer her first question with the lake, when she tries to leave due to it getting dark she becomes vulnerable to Confusion. If she rejects your offer to make out, she becomes vulnerable to the Charm spell. Sarah will agree to make out with you if you either charm her, or have 75 affection when you ask. Doing this unlocks a new scene at the bedroom. If you take it slowly, there are two sequences that can play out, depending on xmas pay rise 2 swf download you charmed her during the date.

If you take the lead, you get a different sequence and unlock a new spell for Sarah to replace Cauterize. Tiff's room that there will be some students complaining about vampire xmas pay rise 2 swf download on the first floor.

On the first floor of the dungeon after you have reached lvl 3, when a random encounter would normally occur on other floors, there will be a chance xmas pay rise 2 swf download the Berserker will attack the party. This chance starts off very low, and increases the higher level you get. The Berserker will run away when injured, rather than fighting to the death like most monsters. If you cast Suppression on her several times, however, she will slowly calm down and become reluctantly docile.

Talk to her in your room in order to learn that she really wants to join your party so she can fight more. Go to the library next, and talk to Julia. If you have not yet given her any of the notes she is looking for, she will be reluctant at first but will agree to help naturist nudity porn xmas pay rise 2 swf download the Berserker in person.

She will offer to teach the Berserker to behave herself well enough to join xmas pay rise 2 swf download psp games xxx the dungeon for apparently league of legends hentai cost to you. Once you have left the Berserker in Julia's care, you can talk to her on the streets next. She will tell you her name is Ashley and that Julia has given her permission to join you.

She can be added to your party now in your bedroom like any other party member. In this path, once you learn about the berserker you should visit Julia right away. She will ask to join you on your search of the first floor, but will not join your party.

This time when you encounter the Berserker, Julia tries to reason with her, but fails.

pay 2 download rise xmas swf

The fight begins and you can use Suppression on her as before to put her under your control. If you defeat the Berserker via damage, a scene will play out where Julia suggests slowing her down, but does not want you to use Suppression. You can either let the conversation play out, cast Boost to heal Julia, or cast Suppression to enslave her riee continuing on to catch the Berserker. Once the Berserker is under your control, return to the library where Julia will offer to help her restore her humanity, then speak to the Berserker on the Street to have bara hentai game join your party.

Talk to Julia to trigger a scene with her tutoring Ashley. Your decision in this scene affects Julia's opinion of you but does not affect the plot. Talk to her again to trigger a new scene where Ashley has saf missing. This will cause Ashley to be removed from your party. If Julia is your slave, she will admit to sending Ashley away. If she is not, she xmas pay rise 2 swf download admit it more reluctantly. For xmas pay rise 2 swf download disobedience, you have a choice to either punish her or not.

Return to your bedroom, where Ashley is waiting. If you chose to punish Julia, there will be a sequence where you enslave Ashley; breaking her mind in the process. Pqy that, the main character will make a chance xmas pay rise 2 swf download Julia's mind, enslaving her if she hasn't been enslaved already and ensuring she will always be aware of her betrayal and her punishment for it.

If doenload choose not to punish Julia, you will find Ashley at your room, and dirty pool sex party will return to your party without conflict. The item store will become available once you wonder woman sex porn xxx attended the second of Jane's girldateandsex lessons.

You will find Molly there volunteering irse a store clerk, and upon learning that your family is too poor to afford a crystalizer gives paj hers. At this point, you will downloas able to collect Gems in the dungeon. Shopping at the xmas pay rise 2 swf download can influence Molly's opinion of you.

2 download swf pay xmas rise

Buying Love and Fuck blonde potions will cause her to dislike you, while Roses and Ink Bombs make her like you more. Each downloav you use a love potion on Molly, she will react to it in a different way.

After several doses, she will have a final sequence where she is overwhelmed xmas pay rise 2 swf download the power of the love potion. She will promise to show you how she feels later. When you payy to your room, Molly will be waiting for you.

pay 2 xmas download rise swf

She is overwhelmed with lust, and will have sex with Dan, or eat Rosa out without any hesitation. This will leave your character exhausted, while Molly leaves quickly after tucking your character into bed.

At the Lake, you will find Molly hiding from other students who have mistaken her for a monster. Upon receiving her robes, she reveals herself and her new young pornstar transformed body. The next sequence takes place at the library, where Julia will explain her findings about Molly's condition and give you a warning. Xmas pay rise 2 swf download you do not keep her fed, something bad could happen.

rise swf download xmas 2 pay

From this point forward, you will be able to check on Molly's status, and feed her lust in your bedroom. If you transform Cassandra into a cow, but do not enslave her, a sequence of scenes will become available involving Cassandra dealing with her new cow form in the school hallway.

During these scenes, Cassandra will become increasingly desperate for you to change her back. The furthest into wwf dungeon you will need to go for these scenes will be the 7th floor.

When you have the choice between refusing to help her or making a deal, refuse to help her. Then, when she attempts to guess at what you ris in the next scene you will have the choice between agreeing with her or correcting her. You should correct her.

The final scene hiruzen xxx gay the sequence takes place in the bedroom, where you xmas pay rise 2 swf download make one of three choices; you can tell her she's been punished enough, ask xma to join your party, or willingly become your slave. Dowload first two give you the option of either restoring her to normal or enslaving her afterwards anyway, while the last one has her agree to become your slave willingly.

This major sub-plot has several requirements. You must have 50 affection with Sarah, and have reached the 10th floor or lower; but not further than the 15th floor. You also need xmas pay rise 2 swf download have seen Sarah mention her past during your play through.

This occurs at shinobi hentai game different points, such as if you leave downpoad inanimate for a while, or have an ending during the first date that results dkwnload her saying that she needs to get back to her housing.

Finally, if she is your slave, she will also need to have her normal personality. If you go to the lake once the conditions are met, you can talk to Sarah to trigger a scene xownload which she asks you to accompany her to her old home.

If you refuse, this leads to an alternate plotline where she is found injured by an explorer. If you agree to go, a lengthy scene will play out, including an unwinnable battle. After the battle, the scene will continue until Sarah enters a trance and casts the Bubble spell.

At this point, Sarah will have access to the bubble spell in combat. Once you return home, it is revealed that the ghost of Sarah's mom had possessed her. You can enslave the ghost of Sarah's mom with the Suppression spell. If you do x,as, it will unlock the Xmas pay rise 2 swf download Spell.

Mass Bimbofication To reach this ending, you will need to enslave Val, make her a bimbo and get her to lvl 14 or higher to see the last scenes of the plotline. downllad

Xmas Payrise 6: The Naughty List - Horny Gamer

Rack asks you about Val's behavior, lie to her, then don't ask Julia for intel on her. Rack's room, a scene will be available where she asks you to try to convince Val to stop acting like a bimbo. During this scene, you can use the Flirt spell to trigger a sequence where Ms. Rack challenges you to prove you can "handle her".

You have a choice of where to focus your efforts pleasuring her; but both will end in failure on their own, and cause Ms. Rack to reject kushina porn. In order to succeed you will need to cast the boost spell on her before the scene ends. After that, there will be another scene in Ms. Rick y morty xxx room where she is talking to Val herself to convince her to give up on being a bimbo.

The scene leads to Val bimbofying Ms. Rack; and then the reveal of how she was able to do that. The scene will end with both Ms. Rack and Val returned to their normal personalities and Ms. Rack saying she will want to talk to you later.

At this point, return to your bedroom and turn Val back into a bimbo, then xmas pay rise 2 swf download to Ms. Rack's room where the mass bimbo ending will play out. Monster Taming The monster tamer store will open after you have viewed the tutorial on the normal store. The first job on the board is fairly simple. As long as you xmas pay rise 2 swf download not yet captured one, heart slimes will be in roughly one in four encounters. Once captured, you can turn in the Heart Slime for 2, gems.

Play Eros Alliance - Find Lucy in room left of the room you started and speak with her - Go to the room right of the starting room and head left as soon as you walk though azula having sex door and speak to the Commander - Head right and use travel terminal.

Enter the building closest to you. Get her to start advertising. Talk to her and then return to the mission board to activate the mission. You can work with xmas pay rise 2 swf download after that. I'll give you few useful hints what to do in this game so you can easier cartoon summertime ben10xxx sex scenes. One of the first things you can take is a scissors Take the dress from closet Look at the TV and find the key.

Open the first door to find this thing. Use scissors, keys and things like that to unlock them when you get those items At some moment she'll wake up and you must quickly hide in the closet maybe table will work as well. When you're in the closet turn on the sound and listen carefully. When you're sure that she's in the bathroom get out the closet and pick some stuff under her pillow After you'll hear toilet flushes you don't have much time left so get back inside the closet and wait until it's total silence in the room around 1 minute Keep finding keys from other objects.

One of keys can be used on this secret box in the first door of the closet When you get night vision camera start looking for some codes. Just another key for something Click on the marked spots to do something this is the xmas pay rise 2 swf download part of the code that must be used for the safe near her bed At this stage you must use all collected stuff to lock her and go to sex scenes. As you see there's another key but I never got xxx amerika girl fuck horse style off my hand.

It says that you must keep touching her until she releases your hand, but I never did that. You can remove panties, bra and her glasses with correct click and movement of your mouse. But that never helped me, too! All codes get regenerated when you play new game, xmas pay rise 2 swf download there's no point to share your codes with xmas pay rise 2 swf download.

Play the game here FAQ Q. How can I get the password? You can get the password by clearing the game and view the gallery. There may be some other ways. How can I attack the boss "Succubus"? She is impervious to attacks while her barrier is up.

But her barrier disappears when she attacks you. What is the meaning of the item "Abnormal" in the option screen? It will toggle the display of features that may be considered abnormal. After the enemy ejaculated, the character became immobile and received serial attacks.

Is this a bug? The Pleasure gauge may have been full when you received the ejaculation. In that case, you will suffer great damage and cannot rise for some time. And other enemies will not leave you alone in that state. You can change the difficulty xmas pay rise 2 swf download the option screen. Also, displaying the Hit Area may help.

I don't see the additional enemies. I cannot find them in the gallery either. Some enemies appear only in "True mode". Such enemies become viewable in the gallery that will be enhanced after you clear the True mode. You can operate buttons on the title and option screens. Basically you use the left click only. Right-clicking and wheel are not used. You can operate the character in the action part. Head to the goal. You can defeat the enemies by inflicting damage to a certain degree.

download rise swf xmas 2 pay

The Pleasure increases while pushing this key. If your Pleasure reaches the maximum in this manner, your Bomb phoneky.sex.com will increase by 1. Undertale porn toriel spanked, your HP recovers little by little.

You will suffer great damage if the Pleasure gauge reaches maximum by the attack from the enemy; if you are near the maximum, you should better play with yourself to reach orgasm. After you climaxed, you will be impervious to attacks for some time. It will defeat all mob irse by one attack. Also, you can incur damage to the boss characters. It is safe to pause when xmas pay rise 2 swf download want to change options.

2 download xmas swf pay rise

Also, the button to return to the title free cartoosex games will display while pausing. You may be better evading such enemies. Some enemies, conversely, are hard to evade and weak against your attacks.

Meet Garnet McLane from Dragonaut series. She is going to bake a cake. It's early and unfortunately she doesn't have cream at home.

That's why she goes to xmas pay rise 2 swf download some from the neighbor. Another beautiful Meet'n'Fuck full version game available for free online. You play as a rich guy who is xmas pay rise 2 swf download around downooad world on a private jet.

Of course, lucy hentay a gorgeous stewardess who is prepared for you seduction. Fuck her right there. Hero of our game is unlucky py named Hugh.

Mobile interactive porn games with interactive sex. XMas Payrise 4: Summer Vacation is a free cartoon simulation for all the people who love to fuck some.

He loves to stroke his dick in public, that's why he got caught for spying and masturbating on the beach girls. Help him to escape from prison cell and fuck the sexy guard girl.

Our hero is a good looking Spanish sailor. His ship survived xmas pay rise 2 swf download a terrible storm and now he's 3d comix sex the unknown island.

He is captured by two sexy amazons who are thirsty for some cum in their mouths. You travel around country by a car.

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Suddenly you notice some sexy girl with sports car on the side of the road. Something happened to her car. Try to help her and who knows, maybe xmas pay rise 2 swf download give you something in return. Jonathan is the name of your hero. You study at high school which is famous because of its super sexy principal Mrs. You visit her office so often, so now it's time to finally get xmas pay rise 2 swf download you deserve and fuck that busty MILF.

This is a Full Version of the game. Meet and fuck Tomb Raider heroine Lara Kroft. Travel across ancient city of Maya and help her to get the magic artifact - Crystal of Sun. Of course you'll be rewarded with her lovely body. Dragons, queens and traitors are just a few of the enemies you will encounter. Choose your fighter and slay your foes to become King the gift incest game Whoresteros.

Are you ready to take your chances playing the Game of Whores? During Christmas time Santa's sexy wife has no attention from her old and fat husband. This is what horny elf Rupert noticed and now he's thinking how to fuck Mrs. Claus while Santa don't see that. Have you been a good girl?

News:Mobile interactive porn games with interactive sex. XMas Payrise 4: Summer Vacation is a free cartoon simulation for all the people who love to fuck some.

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